10 Most Common Dreams & Reasons Behind Them


Dreaming is the most common phenomenon amongst us and theories state that it’s just random and does not serve any natural purpose. So having dreams are pretty common. Sometimes we remember the dreams when we wake up and that can either be really cool or really weird. Lot of the dreams are quite common and we can actually discuss the reason behind them too. So here are the top 10 most common dreams and their reasons behind them.

  1. Being in an Out-of-Control Car

Have you ever had a dream where you have been in an out-of-control car or you just had an accident or you are heading towards a cliff? Well that’s pretty common and we often dream such awkward situations.

Reason behind: You dream such situations when your subconscious mind is telling you that you are feeling powerless about something in your life and headed for a disaster.

  1. Using Broken Technology

Have you ever had a dream where you are trying to use a computer but it won’t connect to the internet? Or have you ever had a dream where you are tiring to use a telephone which won’t dial? Well, that’s pretty common too.

Reason behind: These dreams mean that you are losing touch with reality and you are having trouble making connections with the people in your life or making connections with new people or new friends.

  1. Being lost or Trapped

You may have dreams where you have been lost in a maze or trapped in a box or in some sort of a structure where you can’t move. This is one is surely very irritating.

Reason behind: It means that you are facing or going to face some difficult decisions in your life that you either don’t want to make or feel like you can’t make.

  1. Arriving late or missing your ride

These are those dreams where you are trying to catch some mode of transportation like car, bus, train or a plane but you can’t quite catch-up to them and you miss it or you arrive to an event that already started.

Reason behind: This means that you have recently missed out some important opportunity in your life.

  1. Failing a test

These dreams are common to people who are out of school for a while. You either can’t pass the test; you can’t find the test room or just feel unprepared for the test.

Reason behind: These dreams mean that you are anticipating being tested in the near future in your life and you feel like you are unprepared for it.

  1. Feeling sick or dying

These are those dreams where you feel like either sick, injured or you are dying.

Reason behind: These dreams come to people who have been mostly hurt or their freedom being hurt. However, if you dream about someone being hurt then that means you are losing someone.

  1. Being chased

You may have dreams where you have been chased by something. It may be a monster, ghost or may be a killer.

Reason behind: Someone in your like is currently making you very uncomfortable or you are being threatened.

  1. Missing teeth or loosing teeth

These are the dreams where you see that you teeth are falling or you have very bad teeth.

Reason behind: You are either feeling unattractive or you are afraid of being unattractive. This may also happen if you feel like losing power.

  1. Being naked

In such dreams you may either find yourself partially naked or completely naked in front of a group of people.

Reason behind: This represents the feeling of shame, embarrassment or vulnerability about some event that recently happened in your life. These are the dreams common to those who are single or being out of wedding. Because you see people who just got married and how they found love in another person and you feel somewhat missing in your life.

  1. Falling or Drowning

These are most common dreams that we all had at some point in our life. You find yourself either falling or drowning in water or sinking in quick-sand.

Reason behind: They simply represent the feeling of insecurity or lack of support in your life. They are especially common for people who are facing something really overwhelming in their life at that moment.

So these are the most common dreams that you may have faced or been facing and worried about why such things are coming in your dreams. Hope I have been able to come up with the most common ones that you have been experiencing or experienced at some point of time in your life. Sweet Dreams!

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