8 Trends in Artificial Intelligence for 2018

By this point in 2018, we have come a long way with technology. We have virtual reality headsets, phones with the same capabilities as most desktops, and artificial intelligence that helps us with everyday life. Especially when it comes to artificial intelligence, there are a lot of trends to watch in 2018. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of these trends and what they mean.


1. AI Reaches the Workplace

There is a lot of automation and artificial intelligence happening in your office right now. One of the biggest ways that you can see it is in automation, especially marketing automation. These services allow you to keep track of statistics in your business and they’ll even automatically respond to emails for you. When it comes to running your own business, these services are crucial anymore.


2. Artificial Intelligence Will Find Its Way Into Politics

Expect to hear more about artificial intelligence in politics this year. This is because as automation and artificial intelligence rises, it will automate a number of jobs. This is where the politics come in. An argument comes when you consider the human results of automation reaching jobs. It equals a loss of jobs, which makes a natural argument against automation and artificial intelligence.


3. Cloud Adoption Will Grow

Large scale automation may not happen right away. Instead, you will probably see companies adopt specific automation tasks onto the Cloud for specific use cases rather than adopted on a large scale to solve many problems at once. This Cloud adoption will help AI to grow and become specialized in certain tasks better. This allows AI to become better and help more with case specific tasks.


4. Deep Reinforcement Learning

Deep Reinforcement Learning, also known as DRL, is a type of AI that learns through interaction and rewards – much like a person or animal would. This type of AI doesn’t require labeled data entry and is improving every day. Up to now, this has been used in testing, frivolous ways such as beating a human at a video game. However, in 2018, expect to see it used more in business practices. Since it can be trained via simulation, it is faster than other types of AI learning, an asset when you are trying to keep up with business.


5. The Use of Hybrid Learning Models

Even more efficient that deep reinforcement learning is the use of hybrid learning models. These models use more than one type of learning to increase the speed and accuracy with which our artificial intelligence learns to do and “think” about tasks. This also helps to increase the number of problems that artificial intelligence can solve for us, making it more useful to us in everyday situations such as business.


6. Decentralized Artificial Intelligence

Up to now, most artificial intelligence has been centralized. This means that there was one place to insert commands and algorithms to teach the system new things. However, in 2018, we will see a rise in decentralized artificial intelligence. This means that artificial intelligence can learn from multiple sources, allowing it to “learn” faster and more accurately.


7. Self-Driving Cars

This is something that we see sparingly already but in 2018, expect to see further innovation. These cars work independently of the driver, requiring little to no feedback, allowing their passengers to sit back while AI does the work.


8. Machine Learning Will Aid Workers

We already discussed the issue of workers losing their jobs to AI but the reverse is also true. Increased machine “knowledge” will help workers to do their jobs more efficiently, helping them to work faster, smarter, and more accurately.

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