Apple Products To Expect In 2015

Apple Products To Expect In 2015

Apple has got a lot to do this year, 2015. Besides just the yearly refresh to the iPhone, Apple is going to do a lot that is not related to the iPhone. So let’s take a look at what Apple has planned for 2015.

The first thing which comes to our mind is the next generation iPhone. Every single year Apple does release a new version of iPhone. We can say it would be called iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus based on the iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5S and now the 6S. Why would they skip the ‘S’ generation?

So with every new design Apple usually sticks with it for two years before refreshing and it has the maximum possibility to be named as iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Now, with these devices where Apple is headed is probably just a refresh of the internals. We are not likely to see anything different on the outside, it’s still going to be the very same design but take care of issues like the Bendgate, over blown and out of proportion.

Besides the designs they are just going to add a whole bunch of power to them. So we are now going for the A9 chip for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. This is going to be a faster and a smaller chip at 14 nanometers. The A8 chip in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is 20 nanometers. So it’s going to shrink in size. So what that does is going to be interesting enough. It’s going to be more efficient, consume less power, save more battery life. This is where all processors are heading; getting smaller and they are getting more power efficient.

Besides the processor we might get to see a 2 GB of RAM. We have been stuck on 1 GB of RAM since the iPhone 5S. It makes sense that Apple would move forward to 2 GB of RAM because all the competitors are having 2 GB of RAM and they are moving up to 3 GB now. It makes pretty sense that Apple will update that as well.

Besides the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus the iPhone 5C is going to need a replacement. Now this is where things get a little bit tricky. We don’t really know where Apple’s headed because the iPhone 5C was regarded as a failure, it just didn’t meet the sales figures that Apple wanted it to meet. However it was a very good selling phone but people that time started to think about spending some extra bucks and have the more premium iPhone 5S. Now, where Apple could be headed with a cheaper phone is probably the iPhone 6S Mini. It’s going to replace the iPhone 5C and it will have most of the internals of 6S and 6S Plus but a little bit weaker and possibly have the A8X chip. There could be some other planning about the iPhone 5C replacement. But there will be an iPhone 6C Mini for sure. Not everybody needs a larger phone so this replacement is quite expected.

Next is the iPad Pro. It’s not whether this will actually reach production but the rumors are really ramping up for this one. The rumors have been around for a couple of years already. It’s basically a larger iPad and it’s going to be 12.2 inches to 12.7 inches as Apple is going to sell it as more of a professional tablet with a larger display. But rumors say that there will be a larger Apple tablet towards the end of 2015. It might of course release with the new iPad Air 3rd Generation and iPad Mini 4th Generation. Apple must be refreshing the internals as the iPad Air is already incredibly thin so there’s not much to work on the thinner aspect. But of course the new iPads will be refreshed inside and it will be released alongside a larger iPad Pro with a 12 inch display. These new iPads could have A9X chips which will be just a step above the A9 released in the new iPhones to keep it more powerful and attractive to buyers and of course it could feature 2 GB of RAM and possibly with iOS 9.

What about iOS 9? Before the launch of iOS 9 we are going to see several new editions to iOS 8 namely iOS 8.2 and then iOS 8.3. Now Apple has already confirmed that it is working on these firmwares and iOS 8.2 is going to be released within 3 months i.e. within the month of March 2015. Of course iOS 8.2 is prepared to support the Apple Watch. When we update to iOS 8.2 our devices will be able to support the Apple Watch which will also be releasing soon.

Now, the Apple Watch is going to be Apple’s first product of its kind that they are releasing in 5 years. It’s been 5 years since the launch of iPad and Apple really has not released anything new and revolutionary. Now with the Apple Watch it’s really nothing new but Apple is going to get something exiting on it. It’s going to have a 312 x 390 resolution which is pretty impressive for such a small device and the smaller one has a 272 x 340 resolution display. Apple is going to release it in the first quarter of 2015.

Next is the 12 inch MacBook Retina which has been a long anticipated device. This is going to be a blend between the current MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. It’s going to feature Intel Core M processor for very good efficiency and power efficiency as well. So it’s going to be a device that’s impressive in size, thickness and power. So everything that the current ones can do but with a better battery life and as well as a better form factor. It’s going to be released in three colors – silver, gold and space grey. We might see a refresh of the Mac Pro Version 2.0 which will have the new processor from Intel and with DDR 4 support for incredibly fast processing. With new Mac Pro, Apple is going to release their 5K display and it’s very possible that we could see the cinema 5K display this year. The new OS that is going to power the new Mac Pro 2.0 in the Retina MacBook 12 inch is going to be the OS X 10.11. It’s going to blend iOS in OS X. This new OS will be compatible with all the Apple devices as well.

It’s been a while that Apple has updated the Apple TV. What people are looking for is 4K streaming. The new standard is 4K and all TVs are headed towards it and the Apple TV could feature 4K support and in an aluminium enclosure. There’s not much that Apple can innovate here but more streaming services would be nice. The Apple TV is most likely to launch in 2015.

These are all the new products and software that Apple has planned for 2015 and of course there’s still the potential that Apple could surprise us with a whole bunch of new things and we are always expecting that. So these are all the Apple products to expect in 2015. Let’s hope for the best and look forward to all the surprises from Apple this year.

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