Apple SIM Card – The Power to Switch between Carriers

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The Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 are the first devices that you could seamlessly switch between three major carriers except Verizon using the all new Apple SIM Card that Apple has developed. This will take the carriers out of the retail loop and makes it much easier for iPad users who may wish to try the T-Mobile for a little while or may want to try AT&T instead. Apple SIM allows users to switch between networks on the move, without switching the SIM itself. Currently Apple SIM works for the T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T networks.

Apple SIM Card

The Apple SIM is only available on iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 if bought from an Apple retail store. It makes the carriers lot closer to the kinds of dumb interchangeable pipes that they are really afraid to be in. The mobile carriers rely on their control of the retail sales and service channels to prevent customers from churning and to up-sell them to additional products.

But this really takes them out of the loop, Apple now controls the entire mobile experience on the iPad and it really benefits smaller carriers like Sprint who people may have been wanting to try for their lower rates but they just have been sticking with their carrier for a long time. So this new SIM from Apple lets them try a smaller carrier and if they do not like it they can go right back to have the feeling of safety and flexibility.

But Verizon has opted out of this Apple SIM program so far. This really shows that this strength of Verizon in the market in comparison to the three other carriers who are scrapping it out right now. May be Verizon thinks that they have enough market power to be able to tell Apple what to do to some extent. They can sell Verizon only SIM cards and help people to stick to Verizon with the power of the renowned quality of their network. By doing this Verizon sends a tough message that they are still at the top in the market.

With the new Apple SIM users can switch between carriers at will where the consumer and the device manufacturer have all the power and the carriers are not dragging on you to constantly change your mind, give you different offers or try to draw you into their stores. The carriers really hate this idea to be controlled by Apple and its consumers.

Apple has been fighting for it for at least four years and now that the idea is going to hit the market the power of the carriers is going to fade away or may be moving towards a world where the carriers are much more like simple internet service providers and the power really switches to device manufacturers and their consumers. Now let’s wait and watch what the carriers are planning to do in order to fight back.

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