Attack Against Sony Pictures

Attack Against Sony Pictures

Recently the movie studio of Sony Pictures suffered an attack by the suspected North Korean hackers following the release of the controversial movie “The Interview”. The movie depicts an attempt to assassinate Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

It has been more than a month, after the attack, that Sony could not confirm that they have managed to set up enough cyber-security arrangements and the hackers have no more access to the company’s server or the computer systems. However, the CEO has explained how they have adopted the old style communication system which can relay updates on hacks based upon a “phone tree”.

The investigation is still under process and the investors are yet to confirm that Sony’s server is completely secure from hackers. Only a small part of the data stolen by the hackers has been released by them. According to the investigators, Sony’s network could be fully functional within the next couple of months.

As the movie has been revolving around the story behind the assassination of Kim Jong-un, it is suspected to be North Korea behind the attack as the North Korean foreign ministry threatened the United States of “merciless countermeasures” if the movie is allowed to be released. Despite of the threatening, the country has denied involvement in the hacking attack.

The hackers’ group, who called itself the “Guardians of Peace”, hacked Sony’s server and leaked several movies on the internet. Not only that, they have also claimed the responsibility of sending embarrassing private emails and disclosing private information of over 47,000 people including employees and movie stars.

Sony’s in-house IT department is trying its best to locate who had accessed the systems and get the basic systems back on track such as email servers. The larger cinema chains have refused to screen “The Interview” because of the constant threat of violence made by the group of hackers.

Since the cancellation of the general release of the movie “The Interview” it is known that it has already made over $18m in digital and box-office revenues. It’s worth saying that the publicity made the movie Sony’s biggest ever release on the internet.

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