Top 5 Apple Pay Questions Answered

Apple Pay_1

Apple’s new Mobile Payment System is up and running. Here are five of the most common queries from the consumers and their answers. What is Apple Pay? Its Apple’s entrance into the growing field of Mobile Wallet system that lets you pay for purchases at the payment counter using just your iPhone. Apple Pay currently


iOS 8: Top 11 Hidden Features!

iOS 8

iOS 8 is amazing as we all know and so its hidden features are. Why are we calling them as “Hidden Features”? Just because we are not yet accustomed to them, simple. So let’s check it out.      1. Making Calls from iPod or iPad Touch With this feature you could use your Mac


Google’s “Android Silver Project”: End of Nexus Line

Android Silver

Google is working on a very serious project called “Android Silver Project” and we are going to have some interesting facts about it right here right now! There has been murmuring for quite a while but it seems to be gaining quite a bit of traction recently. What we have is rumor right now and