Why should you choose LED lights for your home?

LED lights are the most power saving mode of homeillumination today. This intelligent green lighting revolution isan obvious choice for interiors and exteriors. Here are some quick checks as to why you should switch to LED lights for home use.

Save money

LED light bulbs save an estimated 80% or more on energy costs. LED manufacturers in Indiaclaim that LED Lights may cost you 30-40% more initially than traditional lighting optionsdepending on the brand you choose, but they last four to five times longer. Some LED lights have an operating lifespan of some 70,000 hours, which is 8 to 10 times longer than standard lamps

No UV/IR emissions

Ultra Violet (UV) rays have plagued the fair complexioned for years, but most people attribute that to the sun. Well, many traditional bulbs put out some UV as well. A health benefit of LED Lights does not have any harmful emission like UV or IR radiation.

Low heat producing light

LEDs consume energy more efficiently to produce light, and produce less wasted heat. LED Lights produce less heat because it has the quality to emit the produced heat into the environment so quickly and as a result of it the longevity of products and LED chips as well as components increase.

It has the ability to withstand the effects of cold or low temperatures without loss of serviceability. It can easily operate below freezing temperature.


There is an option of dimmable LED lights as well. On a stressful evening when you just wish to layback on your couch and listen to the ‘Moonlight Sonata’ with a warm cup of coffee, the dim light seems nothing short of a blessing.

LED is the future

Now days when we all are looking for pollution free or less polluted environment for our next generation, for this purpose LED lights is one of the most useful key, which can efficiently fulfil our light requirements with environment friendly conditions.

Good Colour Rendering

One of the best qualities of LED Lights is that it provides excellent colour rendering in comparison with other traditional light sources so that we can actually see the true colour of objects.

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