Early Buzz at CES 2015

CES 2015

The 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is getting ready to kick off and it’s a better way to start the New Year with new gadgets. Tech companies are travelling to Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas from across the Globe to show off products that are heading stores in 2015.

CES 2015

The show stretches throughout the whole week. The first days are packed with news announcements and new product reviews. But the show floor opens to everyone on Tuesday. You can learn about new Home Tech, Wearable Tech, Car Tech and of course some of the crazy expensive Televisions. The 4K Ultra HD TVs are the next step above 1080p resolution and there will be plenty of 4Ks at the show.

CES 2015

This year LG and Samsung are going to show off Quantum Dots TVs which use nano crystals to display a wider color palate and improved saturation. If you like thinner Televisions then you are lucky enough because LG has got something which is 70% thinner than before. LG is also going to show off a Smart TV powered by WebOS 2.0 which was the operating system on the palm smartphones few years back and now LG owns WebOS and uses it for Televisions. We are going to compare LG’s WebOS with Samsung’s Smart TV Operating System called Tyzen which will also be on display in CES, 2015.

But Samsung is going to get more attention for its Smart TVs that let you stream Play Station Games without a Play Station. This feature is going to be on internet connected Samsung TVs in the first half of the year. With a Play Station controller you can play more than 200 PS3 games.

Last Year curved TV screens were in the spot light but now this curved feature is coming to your desktop computers. Samsung Ativ One 7 is a 27 inch all-in-one system with a slight curve to the screen is coming on early 2015 for $13,000.

We are also hearing a little twist on speakers. Samsung has come up with a 360 degrees sound speaker which spreads the sound from one point into a circle around the room. There is also going to be plenty of smarter kitchen appliances – a company from UK called Smarter is going to demo a Wi-Fi coffee machine that grinds beans and works with apps. There are a lot of smart refrigerators going to be shown off too. LG is going to show off a refrigerator having many doors inside the doors which costs $6,000 and there is an android app to diagnose any problem with the fridge or the fruits, vegetables or foods stored inside.

That’s all about the Latest Buzz at CES 2015. Gear up for all the cool gadgets to be shown off for 2015.

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