GameKiller: Money Hacking App for any Android Game

Hack Android Games with Game Killer

Although completing all levels with accurate skills and dedication is a glory to gamers but many of us just cannot wait to unlock special weapons, cash rewards, gems, secret keys, powers and we cannot blame them, the world is fast enough to gulp your fun. I myself tried lots of apps and had gone through long tutorials but they works in a complex way and in rooted android devices and sometime the game crashes and that will make us lose everything.

So like a master remote control what if we have a master application that can hack any android game and unlock all levels. Great isn’t it? Below we discussed how to hack any android game and had tried to make it as simpler as we could.

So the app is GameKiller and the answer to the question “How to Hack Any Android Game Money with GameKiller?” is quite simple. This app works perfectly if we root the android device and then using this app we can easily hack any android game.

GameKiller v3.11 Apk Featuring:

  • HEX edit.
  • Unload code.
  • Save/Load the things to do of list.
  • Search game value with precise number.
  • Latch the video game value to a revamped number.
  • Touch the GameKiller interface to bring up options during gaming.
  • Find the game value with indistinct directions, like smaller or bigger.

Steps to Hack Any Android Game With Game Killer App:

  1. At first we are required to root the android device because this app will only work or can be installed in a rooted android device.
  2. We can download and install the amazing Game Killer in the android device.
  3. Now we will need to go to the settings of the android device and allow it to install apps from any Unknown Sources and install the app.


4. Now is the time to open the app and allow it the super user access to function.

Hack Android Games with Game Killer

5. Now minimize the app and start the game you want to Hack or tweak a little. Now for obvious reason we will need to know all gaming options first then start patching game parameters like gold, coins, elixir, keys, powers, new levels and many more.

And now as usual a fare disclaimer that please use this app at your own risk because without having developer knowledge it is quite foggy and also the game can crash due to the unethical perching or internal anti hacking system.

Here’s how to use Game Killer on a rooted Android Device:

So that’s it, this is how we can Hack Android Games with Game Killer, now you can smile like a devil while watching people fighting a lot to get resources. Unleash powerful attack on same level opponents to make them crazy and enjoy. Hope, you guys have enjoyed a lot reading this.

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