Google’s “Android Silver Project”: End of Nexus Line

Android Silver

Google is working on a very serious project called “Android Silver Project” and we are going to have some interesting facts about it right here right now!

There has been murmuring for quite a while but it seems to be gaining quite a bit of traction recently. What we have is rumor right now and we don’t know what’s accurate yet. We have been hearing from multiple sources that this is the way that Google is planning to go. Several sources have received information about the end of Nexus line and the birth of Android Silver.

The Nexus followers would surely be interested to hear about this. We do not have the fine details about the project but the main idea behind this project is the premium Android Hardware similar to the current Google Play addition lineup but it is backed up by substantial huge marketing budget and carrier partnerships.

Our guess is that it will be more of a standard rather than a range of devices i.e. if an OEM creates a device that meets those standards that Google sets both in software and hardware, it will be considered as an Android Silver device and can be sold as such.

This won’t be a one manufacturer one device approach. Basically any OEM that wants to create to the standard that Google sets will be able to take part. Right now we are guessing it to be LG and Motorola who attempt to be on board already. Unlike the Nexus line which has won fame per year there could be dozens of Android Silver devices that could give us loads of different choices.

So the overall idea is to deliver a premium android experience in both software and hardware; like fast updates in Google Play, Nexus like software and top-of-the-line hardware and make it available to the wider audience. We are not so sure about the release date and the price.

The Nexus line recently had great price for really good hardware but the question is how much will these Android Silver devices be if it’s anything like Google Play edition devices which are as quite a bit in common with, it’s not going to be cheap.

So the alleged end of the Nexus line, an affordable hi-end device is going to replace the Nexus line or not? Let’s wait till February next year which may mean we don’t get another Nexus device this year but we have to wait and see.

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