How Cool are Levitating Speakers?

Levitating Speaker

Portable Bluetooth speakers are getting popular day by day and we would be talking about one of such speakers which seems to be the most interesting amongst all.

It’s really amazing how these speakers levitate and there’s a whole lot of sciences behind that but right now let’s talk about the product. The one that we would be talking about is called the “Music Angel”.

Levitating Speaker

It’s a portable Bluetooth speaker with a levitating maglev technology. There are numbers of levitating speakers you can buy online but this one is amongst the affordable ones of such kind coming under $100. At the end of the day you are buying this for the levitation factor and how cool it looks at your desk. You can place this on your office desk, impress your friends and colleagues or dock it beside your bed.

Levitating Speaker

Let’s take a closer look at it. First and foremost you need to power the dock to make the speaker levitate. Both the dock and the speaker houses a powerful magnet and you just need to place the speaker over the dock to levitate. While placing it you will feel an opposing force just because of the opposite poles of the magnets in action. Interestingly you can use the speaker only as a portable speaker which is a great plus point.

Talking about the audio quality these levitating speakers sound pretty decent. The buttons on the top of the speaker are touch based so that you can simply touch to control the volume, play or pause and toggle between next or previous track. You can even light up the LEDs which are located at the bottom part of the speaker. In my opinion these LEDs do make the speaker really look fancy.

Levitating Speaker

Since it is a Bluetooth speaker you can even answer and end calls from the touch controls on the speaker. Beneath the speaker it has a micro USB port for charging and a power button. Talking about the battery life it plays for around five to six hours. The bottom contains the magnet and also a rubber case if you want to use it as a portable speaker.

Levitating Speaker

It not only looks futuristic but the functionality aspect is well taken care of and for the price you pay you get a pretty decent sounding speaker with a cool factor or rather a cool piece of tech. Instead of a lousy box on your desk having a levitating speaker adds great aesthetics to your living room keeping the audio experience intact. So overall it’s a worthy purchase.

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