Indian Government Tries to Block Radio and App Based Taxi Services

Indian Government Tries to Block Radio and App Based Taxi Services

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have been asked by DoT (India’s Department of Telecom) to block the URLs of TaxiForSure, Ola Cabs, Uber and Angel. The authority has mentioned that these companies do not have necessary licenses to run cab operations and hence their operation is illegal. Rajesh Chharia, president of Internet Service Providers Association (ISPAI) commenting on this issue said that the association can only block sites with http and cannot block those which are encrypted with https.

Uber and Ola sites are having https, hence cannot be blocked whereas TaxiForSure which does not have https have been blocked in Delhi with immediate effect. New Delhi has already banned all app-based taxi services following the incident in which an Uber driver has been allegedly accused of raping a female passenger. India is Uber’s one of the most important marketplace in order to dominate the Global app-based and radio taxi services. Uber has been able to grab the Indian market which is the largest market outside of United States in terms of cities covered and has an estimated radio taxi market of $6 – $9 billion.

The Government may think of going the other way around and block the IP addresses of the PC and mobile devices from accessing these web-based applications as the ISPs would not be able to block these sites. People would not be able to visit these sites and would be denied permission to access these sites and the mobile apps.

However there are several other ways by which internet savvy people may visit these websites even after their IPs are blocked such as VPN services which replaces the original IP of the user with some IP address located in another country.

Commuters may face tough times if these super-fast taxi services are being banned by the government as people do have a bitter experience of taxi refusal in each and every part of the country.

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