iOS 8: Top 11 Hidden Features!

iOS 8

iOS 8 is amazing as we all know and so its hidden features are. Why are we calling them as “Hidden Features”? Just because we are not yet accustomed to them, simple. So let’s check it out.

     1. Making Calls from iPod or iPad Touch

With this feature you could use your Mac to call your contacts and receive calls as well. What they didn’t show you was that you could even make calls from your iPod Touch and iPad. You do not have to set up anything. Once you are updated to the latest version of iOS 8 you can make calls directly from your iOS devices but all of them must be connected to the same WiFi network. You can also answer the calls from the iPad or iPod Touch and whenever you receive a call you can answer directly from any iOS device. So it’s a very handy add-on specially when you are charging your iPhone.


     2. Scan Credit Cards while making purchases

Credit card scanning

You can scan your credit cards while making purchases online like on the Amazon. On the verse of making a payment you have to give your credit card details and when the keyboard is activated you will see the shortcut where it says “Scan Credit Card”. This is an awesome feature for the lazy people like us where we do not have to type in the name, card number and the expiration date.


     3. Restoring Deleted Photos

Recently deleted photos


When we delete pictures we may delete the important ones accidentally and it may or may not be saved on the Photo Stream. With iOS 8 you have a separate section on the Photos app for the deleted pictures called “Recently Deleted”.

Just go to Albums > Recently Deleted

From here you can delete the pictures permanently or recover them. After 30 days the deleted pictures will be removed automatically.


     4. Hiding Pictures, Videos and Favourites

You can now hide pictures and videos from collection. Simply Tap and Hold on any picture or video you want to hide and then you will have options to copy or hide them. The hidden pictures will be available on a separate Album called Hidden.

Just go to Albums > Hidden

You can also keep any of your pictures as you favourite by tapping the Heart shaped icon while browsing the photos. This will be displayed on a separate album named Favourite.


     5. Deleting the whole Album or Artist from Music

With iOS 8 you can delete the whole Album or Artist from your Music Library. Previously we only had options to delete the playlists or songs from the Library but now we can delete Artists and Albums with a simple swipe.


     6. Second Last Location to Apple before you Battery dies

Just go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone > Send Last Location (enabling it will start working)

With this turned on, your phone will automatically send the location fo your iPhone to Apple when your battery is low. This add-on will surely provide a better security.


     7. Which App is using the most Battery

With iOS 8 you have a new option to review battery usage from your apps.

Just go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage

Here you can see all the apps that are using your battery power. This lets you monitor the battery drain by some specific apps so that you can close them. It also shows how much battery has been drained when there is no cellular coverage.


     8. Downloading apps via Cydia

Now you can ask Cydia to download apps from the App Store through voice command by long pressing the Menu button. Just say Download and the name of the App. For example “Download Whatsapp” and it will initiate an app store search for the app Whatsapp.


     9. Grayscale Mode

Grayscale     Grayscale_1

Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Grayscale

This feature, when turned on, turns the entire system into black-n-white. This will definitely get you more out of your battery when you are running low on it.


      10. Adding Photos to Notes

The Notes app has been updated with new features with the latest iOS 8. Now you can add pictures on the notes.

Open Notes > Long press the message space > Insert Photo


      11. Emoji Keyboard Icon

We now have a shortcut to emojis on this keyboard with the latest update.

Hope these new features will help you to some extent at least. Share your thoughts and subscribe to our blog to stay updated on the latest technology updates.

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