iPad Air 2 – Is it Worth Buying?

iPad Air 2

Apple has launched the long awaited iPad Air 2 with all its glory and they say

So capable, you won’t want to put it down. So thin and light, you won’t have to

Let’s quickly check out how is it different from the previous model i.e iPad Air. In terms of display iPad Air 2 has a 56% better reflection as compared to the previous iPad Air and other than that it has the same screen size, same resolution i.e 2048 x 1536 and similar PPI i.e 264 with a 9.7 inch IPS LCD Display. So the only difference in display is the reflection which has been reduced to make it more crisp and clear.


Image Source:www.apple.com

The body material is the aluminium and its slimmer than the iPad Air which was 7.5 mm. So with 6.1 mm thickness the iPad Air 2 is the world’s thinnest tablet ever made. Just because of its thinness it’s extremely light-weight i.e 0.96 pound only.

6.1 mm


Image Source:www.apple.com

Apple has made more improvements in terms of the camera department. iPad Air 2 has a 8 megapixel camera which is a great improvement over a 5 megapixel camera on the previous iPad Air. Now you can record 1080p HD videos in 3264 x 2448 native resolution. This means your captured images and videos remains crisp and clear on larger screens too.


Image Source:www.apple.com

The new and powerful camera with a face-detection processor in the A8X chip is capable of bringing the smaller faces in focus and keeps your photos much sharper and crisp than before. The brilliant Retina Display in a 9.7 inch screen is so large you never miss an object and surely makes you feel like shooting with a high-end SLR camera. Your 120-fps Slo-mo video recording is gonna be an amazing experience along with features like Burst Mode, Timer Mode and High-resolution Panorama. So the features which were available in the iPhone 6 are now available in the iPad Air 2. It has got a 1.2 megapixel front camera which is same as the previous model.


Image Source:www.apple.com

In terms of the internal hardware the iPad Air 2 has the A8X chipset which is 40% faster than the previous A7 chip in the iPad Air. It’s a Dual Core 64-bit processor which 2.5% faster than the iPad Air. It comes with a 1GB RAM which enough to run the iOS 8 which is already enough optimized.



Also we do have the iOS 8 on board which have brought in features which the Apple users have never experienced before. With iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite all of your iPhone, iPad and Mac can be connected where you can even answer your calls from your iPad Air 2 or you can finish up writing your email from where you just left off on your Mac or iPhone.

One of the greatest features of iPad Air 2 is the new Touch ID which is a one touch unlocking system and with 360 degree readability feature it can read its master’s finger prints no matter how you are holding it. So how it actually works? The stainless steel ring which surrounds the sapphire crystal detects your finger and the sapphire crystal scans the image of your finger and sends it to the sensor. The software behind this technology then scans the image and matches it with the stored fingerprint image. But all of this happens before you could imagine. Not only this, you could even secure your Apps, purchasing in iTunes, iBooks and App Store.

Touch ID

Image Source:www.apple.com

With all of these extra features the iPad Air 2 starts from $499 for a 16GB model. The entire price list from Apple according to Storage size and Connectivity is shown below:

For a 16GB Model:

$499 with Wi-Fi

$629 with Wi-Fi + Cellular

For a 64GB Model:

$599 with Wi-Fi

$729 with Wi-Fi + Cellular

For a 128GB Model:

$699 with Wi-Fi

$829 with Wi-Fi + Cellular

The iOS 8 includes the following amazing features:

iOS 8 features


It comes with the Built-in Apps:

Built-in Apps


Also offers Free Apps like:

Free Apps


So does it really worth extra $100 on the iPad Air 2? Yes of course, it’s lot more than just an incremental upgrade from its predecessor. Subscribe to our blog and stay updated on all the upcoming and recent mobile technology and software updates.

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