iPhone 6 Plus Bends in Pocekt! It’s True

Shocking news for all of those who either have an iPhone 6 or are planning to buy an iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 Plus, as you guys know is huge. It’s absolutely massive especially if you have seen it in person its way bigger than they portray in the photos displayed in the iPhone 6 official website. So it’s large.

Now, one of the drawbacks of having a large phone like the apple phone is that “It can BEND”. Something you may think that Apple would have taken into account. Bending a phone is obviously like something which could happen in your pocket. Just over the course of the day there is some pressure applied on some points of the phone but should be strong enough to handle it but apparently iPhone 6 plus is not strong enough to handle it.

This video shows how a guy just takes his hands and puts a little bit of pressure on it until it bends. You can see a definite bend in the phone and it is something which can happen to anyone everyday which is definitely a flaw in the design.

Now, it’s a point to see how often this occurs and how many people are having this issue right now. Definitely take this into account you are planning to buy the iPhone 6. It is you to decide whether you would be comfortable with this issue and doesn’t concern much to you as it is iPhone and everyone waits for a new iPhone model the entire year.

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