iPhone 6 Plus Review – Actual Usability


Before buying an iPhone 6 Plus you need to accept the fact that it’s not at all a one-handed phone. It is intended to be used with two hands. As soon as you that your iPhone 6 Plus experience will change dramatically.


The Display is gorgeous, crisp and sharp. Even many of the smartphone experts say that it’s one of the best displays in the market now. It’s 1080p with a 401 pixel density. Movies, games and anything looks so sharp and realistic, it’s hard to believe that something so good can be on a phone. If you are using the iPhone you won’t see much difference but the text is much sharper.

NFC and Battery Life:


The iPhone 6 Plus is NFC equipped so it works with Apple Pay which is the first standard mobile payment system which has been put in place. The Battery life is great and it literally lasts so long. Two days of usage watching lot of videos, music, gaming and web browsing. Two days of battery usage that too with heavy activity is awesome. The iPhone 6 Plus did a great job with that. Not only that, you can charge about 10% of the battery in 10 minutes of charging. It charges as good as the iPhone 6 even though it has a larger battery.

Camera Performance:

The camera on iPhone 6 Plus is really a dream because Apple actually changed the sensor for every iteration of the iPhone. The megapixel counts the same as the iPhone 6 but the actual sensor has been changed which brings crisp and beautiful photos. Video recording is one of the biggest changes made in the iPhone 6 Plus. Not only it has optical image stabilization but 240 frames per second video recording so that you can have some really cool snaps. Apple added new focus pixels which lets you have crisp and fast focus even if the phone is not held steadily.

iPhone 6 Plus is very hard to dislike. Screen quality, battery life and camera are the three areas where the iPhone 6 Plus wins the top position. But there is something which you may not like and many of the loyal users are talking about is the recheability. The Apple’s solution for one-handed use feature doesn’t work very well. You can double tap the touch ID which brings the screen down but once you open any application it goes up again and you need to double tap again.

apple-iphone-6 iphone6back

The back of the phone with the thin band looks artificial and unnecessarily designed along with the protruding camera. But all these little drawbacks won’t pull you back from buying an iPhone 6 Plus because it’s worth it. It’s Apple’s first time to build a very big phone and they did a very good job.

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