iPhone 7 Launch Rumour without Headphone Port – Big Tech Leap for Apple!

iPhone 7 No Headphone Jack

If you want a slimmer iPhone then you have to forgo something! But who could ever imagine that the sacrifice calls for an unexpected structural change? So it is better that you prepare yourself for this major hardware redesigning because iPhone 7 is going to break the traditional norms.

There will be No Industry-Standard 3.5mm Headphone Port and This is Not a Rumor!


Are you serious?

Yes that’s how everyone reacted, though Apple has not given any confirmation to the ‘almost real prediction’. A petition has been raised to reconsider their decision and more than 290,000 supports have signed it. But validity of the iPhone 7 design rumors is still a question.

However, the company has never stopped surprising its users with technologies; for instance, getting rid of DVD drives in its laptops, the Touch ID Sensor in iPhone 5s or VoLTE and WiFi calling in iPhone 6. So the rumor of releasing iPhone 7 without 3.5mm jack can be true. Moreover, the latest focus is on creating super-thin and super-light products; and this is just a way to achieve the ‘much desired’ aim and demand.


So, is there any alternative?

As a part of the cutting edge technology, Apple is said to have already planned a solution one year ago at Made-for-iPhone/iPad (MFi) program, where they have even unveiled new Lightning connectors. But the implementation of MFi accessories will be ushered with iPhone 7; users need to plug their wired headphones into the Lightning port, which was only used to plug in the charger.

The build-in Lightning port offers a number of benefits – the manufacturing cost can be reduced and the users can even have a simplified product experience. Apart from this you can even use wireless headphones using a Bluetooth connection. Hence, this alternative gives you the same pleasure that you had while using 3.5mm jack, plus your iPhone is now 1 millimeter thinner.

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More about Lightning port

This computer bus actually replaces the 30-pin dock connector and this comes in handy for Apple’s new Lightning headphone specs. It can charge the batteries and at the same time, noise-cancelling technology assures you higher quality audio. Therefore, no need to spend on Bluetooth headphones as that requires USB and separate power supply. Your analog 3.5 mm headphone will not be able to give you sound quality that Lightning-connected EarPods can offer with the iPhone 7.

Back in 2014, Apple received its patent for Lightning connector equipped headphones but it started shipping to the accessory makers in early 2015. Since, iPhone 7 is a waterproof Smartphone, ‘no headphone jack port’ can be an added advantage to it.

For the third party manufacturer, Lightning connector equipped headphones can be a hitch because these cables have a built-in authentication chip. Unlike the standard 3.5mm jack, manufacturer may find it difficult to produce unapproved accessories for iPhone. If a manufacture wishes to make authorized accessories, a license-fee will be charged by Apple. This is a part of MFi program that will help the iPhone maker to augment the revenue stream.

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