iPhone 7 Release Date 2016 and 10 New Features

iPhone 7 Release Date 2016 and 10 New Features

It’s not even 6 months from the release date of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that the web world is all full of speculations, wondering what has Apple in-stored for iPhone 7.  Will it be the Next Generation iPhone? As far as the predictions go, users are about to experience features that will surely blow their mind because this phone ushers the end of the headphone jack.

Surprised!! Well, that is just the beginning because there are lot more features waiting for you to get amazed.

iPhone 7 Release Date 2016


10 New Upcoming Features of iPhone 7 

  1. Gear up for a Completely Redesigned Model of iPhone in the year 2016. You may also call it a dramatic innovation that has a thinner look and a “backup” design similar to the iPhone 6S.
  1. Especially when rest of the smartphones are offering Quad and Ultra-HD screens, perhaps iPhone 7 will Bump Up Its Pixel Count to 400ppi level. Other than that the expected screen size will be 4.7-inch for iPhone 7 and 5.5-inch phone for the Plus model.
  1. Breaking news for the folks who keep on dropping phones in toilets and other bodies of water, this version will be Waterproof Chassis. Now for the surprising part, the iPhone 7 will be coated with membranes that have ‘self-healing elastomer’. So, if your phone has water in it, this technology will pump it out via its speaker grills. Impressive, isn’t it?
  1. Another new feature of this version will be the ‘No Headphone Jack’ element. Though this helped the iPhone 7 to be thinner, music lovers from now onwards have to depend on wireless Bluetooth headphones, or headphones connected via the Lightning port, or an adaptor. However, this is still a rumor phase, let’s wait and watch what Apple finally comes up with.
  1. You can expect may be a little Better Battery Life in the iPhone 7 than its immediate predecessors.
  1. Possibly the lowest Storage Offering will be 16 GB and the prices will go high according to 32GB, 64GB and 128GB options.
  1. e-SIM is the new ‘in-thing’ that can add a completely different feature to iPhone 7. This will bring an end to the traditional SIM card. The virtual feature makes roaming flexible as you can switch operators on the go, without even changing the SIM. However, Apple is still discussing the GSMA and we hope to know the outcome soon.
  1. Just as the new 12-inch MacBook, iPhone 7 could get a USB-C Port. But then again, the doubt continues to linger on!
  1. Glassfree 3D Display is yet another path breaking feature that may give an extra to the upcoming Apple phone. Added to that is the Side Wall Display, it can offer users an edge to edge view.
  2. Wireless Charging is another possibility that you can expect in iPhone 7 or there may a new reversible USB charger too.


So, When is the iPhone 7 Release Date?

 We can expect its arrival in mid-September 2016. Usually, Tuesday happens to be the traditional product unveiling day for Apple. So, we hope to see the much awaited iPhone 7 getting released on 6th September 2016, or 13th September 2016 or may be sometime around the month.

Hooked on to this page, we will keep you posted!!

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