iPhone 7 Rumours: Lightning EarPods & Wireless AirPods

Lightning EarPod

Everybody wants a thinner phone – easy to carry and slip into a purse!

So finally, Apple has answered to the much awaited call of the users. Rumor has it that the next-generation iPhone design is going to be so thin that there will be… No Headphone Jack!

iPhone 6S headphone

But does that mean the next version will disappoint the music lovers from the pleasure of using iPhone 7? Well, Apple has an answer for that too! According to a source, the company is working in collaboration with Beats Electronics to create a new set of Bluetooth, wireless headphones.

Apple may ditch the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, but it will not ruin the expectations of the buyers. So all that you need to do is invest a bit more, and buy iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods or Bluetooth-connected headphones to enjoy this upcoming bliss.


Lightning EarPods & Wireless AirPods

 After much assumptions, the report from 9to5Mac confirmed that Apple will be shipping Lightning-connected EarPods with the iPhone 7. The company could also offer Lightning adapter that will allow users to plug in traditional 3.5mm headphones. However, these are already available because the company has previously patented new headphone jack designs that are slimmer than the existing standard. So, even if the iPhone 7 comes out without a 3.5mm jack, it will still allow users to plug in their regular 3.5mm headphones into the phone through single port.

Wireless EarPod

The company is even working on iPhone 7 Wireless AirPods. This will be a premium accessory and can be used as an alternative to the Lightning-connected EarPods.

The latest Bluetooth headphones will not have any connective chord like its predecessor. These will be individual ear pieces with a chargeable carrying case. Moreover, there will be an in-built noise-cancelling microphone system for better sounding music and phone calls. The earphones are said to have a battery life of not more than four hours. But, Beats AirPods will be sold separately.

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2016’s iPhone can be at least 1mm thinner

 Though Apple is working on a thinner phone but its application is still doubtful. So, we need to take this feature with a pinch of salt.

iPhone 6s was a thicker phone, in order to accommodate 3D Touch Display. So, headphone jack is not the only hindrance for making the iPhone thin, the company needs to work on slimmer display technology as well. Apart from that Apple also have to reduce the thickness of the battery along with other internal components like camera.

No doubt the electronic giant is under huge pressure because its greatest competitor, Android is coming up with high definition features. Though wireless charging is not novel but Lightning audio port is a fresh technology introduced by Apple.

The sales figure for iPhone 6s is very impressive and this has further encouraged them to build new and impressive functionality into the next phone, and sky rocket the success rate. The rumor of ‘No headphone jack’ has definitely raised concerns among the iPhone users. They have even signed online petition against it. However, we still have to wait, probably 8 more months to know what iPhone 7 is all about!

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