ISRO’s Historical Mission MOM

September 24, 2014, the whole World was keeping an eye on ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) who successfully sent a spacecraft to Mars orbit in the first attempt which is a record in the history of World Space Research Organizations. No other Nations other than India could make it happen in their maiden attempt. Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) helped India join an elite club of successful Mars explorers.

ISRO released the first image of Mars clicked by Mangalyaan. According to ISRO, the photograph was taken from a height of 7300 km, with 376 m spatial resolution which is a quite bright one of the Red Planet.

Photo courtesy: ISRO’s Facebook page

ISRO chief K Radhakrishnan, who is in Delhi, will be analyzing the hard copies of the snaps clicked by Mangalyaan and will be publishing them online. Those photographs will bear the evidence that Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) is performing its duties well enough.

According to a top ISRO official, “Images are clicked. Data is downloaded. Process is going on”. MOM started to send its first high quality photographs late on Wednesday 24th Sept and has been able to send five photographs of the Red Planet’s surface.

India has joined the elite club of Martian explorers from United States, European Space Agency and the former Soviet Union with the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM).

“History has been created by our scientists; we have dared to reach out to the unknown. When our cricketers win a tournament, we celebrate in a big way. What these scientists have achieved is thousand times bigger” said Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi immediately after the mission’s success was declared by the scientists.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated ISRO scientists after the mission met with success.

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