Key Elements of the Best Online Food Ordering Systems

Be Clear and Concise

When designing your online ordering system, the best thing you can do is to just keep it simple. The perfect system is intuitive and easy to use. We’ve all seen ordering pages with obscure or blank boxes, missing descriptions, inaccurate information and hidden prices–these are exactly what should be avoided. If at all possible, try to make the process, from item lists to delivery, as streamlined and transparent as can be. The perfect system has a clear menu with everything available from ingredients to nutritional information. This way, the customer knows exactly what to expect with their choices without any surprises at the end. In addition to simplification and clarity is the payment process. Accepted payment methods should be made clear and preferably somewhere near the beginning. Nobody likes getting to the end only to discover that a restaurant only accepts credit cards or doesn’t accept online money transfer services.

Simple is Beautiful

Ordering should be made quick and simple as well, within reason of course. You’ll want something that is accommodating and not restrictive yet not absurd. For many restaurants, this can be accomplished by having customers check boxes of items that are desired or select menu items from drop-down windows. Other locations may have much more customizable options, such as hamburger or pizza restaurants, so this may not be ideal, but having a “build you own” feature is fun for the customer and checks all of the boxes you need for your ordering system.

Real-Time Updates

Something that is often overlooked in the field is a progress tracker. This is likely one of the most desired features of any ordering system yet is commonly neglected. Getting an accurate time for the entire process from processing through preparation to delivery isn’t something that is easy to predict in most cases, but many businesses have overcome this issue by having status updates given in real time. This way the consumer can see at exactly which step their order is from the comfort of their own home or office so they can get a general idea of how much time is left. This will require a little more work on the back end of the operation, but when it works correctly, it is well worth the trouble.

Ordering online has become gradually more and more popular over the years. The systems used are as varied as the range of food that can be found, with the best ordering systems being easy to use, full of information, and actively updated throughout the process without being unnecessarily complex or reducing functionality. The system needs to enhance the eating experience without becoming a headache or a barrier to overcome before enjoying a meal. With these tips in mind, you can ensure that your online ordering utility is as convenient and user-friendly as it is supposed to be, so the task of ordering food as fun and exciting as enjoying it!

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