OrangeFolks News Update – Apple Users beware of “Masque Attack”

Masque Attack

If you own an iPhone or iPad you now have to worry about malicious apps. Hackers have a new way to break into iPhones and iPads by tricking users into downloading spy apps. You may be surprised to know how easy it is to get into such a trap.

The Cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc revealed the vulnerability in iOS 7 and iOS 8 where the phone can download an application that is not there in the Apple’s App Store. All it takes to download the spy app is to click a link in an email or text message, you then get a pop-up screen asking you to install the app. The scary thing about this app is that whatever you thought you downloaded can actually override another app on your phone that you always trust. FireEye has named this technique as “Masque Attack”.

The malicious app just sits there on your screen disguised to look like your banking app or may be your email app. The hacker may create a fake Gmail app and if you log in you just handed over your password to a hacker. This may be the case for your banking app where you carry out all your financial transactions like online money transfer can also be hacked by the hacker which is as horrifying as anything. The app also runs in the background to track phone calls or messages made on the phone.

Masque Attack

What’s the way out?

You need to be smart and only download apps directly from the App Store and be careful that now you can get phishing emails or messages that try to trick you into downloading such apps. Apple says they are working on this to prevent users from such attacks.

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