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Amazon Echo

Amazon has created something amazing for your home which you may call an electronic helping hand or a friend who listens to you, your commands and also reminds you about your upcoming events. So just step aside Siri and Cortana as there is an all new female computer voice that you can talk to now and her name is Alexa.


The device is actually called Amazon Echo. Amazon created a speaker which you can put anywhere in your home. It needs to be connected to the internet and responds to your family members’ voice commands. But before you ask any question or give any particular command you need to say ‘Alexa’. The concept is just like what you can do with Android by saying “Ok Google” before a command.

But the Amazon Echo does much more than a phone – You can ask her for the latest news or play the latest music from the radio stations. You can even set alarms, timers and even ask her to add items to your shopping list.  Just watch this great video from Amazon about the product:

It has got a giant speaker for you to play music. What’s so special about the speaker? Well, it can send out audio from all directions and you can stream from several music services. At the top, near the light ring, there are 7 microphones with the latest technology that can hear you from any direction and even while music is playing.

Amazon Echo Speaker


Amazon Echo Speaker

Amazon Echo Speaker

You may ask Alexa for:

  • News, Weather and Information
  • Music
  • Alarms, Timers and lists
  • Questions and Answers
  • More coming soon

Right now Amazon has limited Amazon Echo’s purchases to those who request for an invitation on the website i.e. It costs $199 but for Prime members Amazon is selling it for $99 only.

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