Project Ara: Google’s Modular Smartphone

Ara 2

Google’s “Project Ara” is all about building up a modular smartphone which can be upgraded at any point of time just by replacing the respective blocks of hardware. This will be breaking news! Let’s see what Project Ara is all about. It’s the moon shot project of the Advanced Technology and Products Group inside Google


Google’s “Android Silver Project”: End of Nexus Line

Android Silver

Google is working on a very serious project called “Android Silver Project” and we are going to have some interesting facts about it right here right now! There has been murmuring for quite a while but it seems to be gaining quite a bit of traction recently. What we have is rumor right now and


Sony Xperia Z3: A smartphone with High-end Specs


Six months ago Sony announced its flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z2 and bang on time we have the new Xperia Z3. With such a small span Sony has proven that if your phone is six months old it is old. Sony did not do too well with its Z2 two months back but this new


ISRO’s Historical Mission MOM


September 24, 2014, the whole World was keeping an eye on ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) who successfully sent a spacecraft to Mars orbit in the first attempt which is a record in the history of World Space Research Organizations. No other Nations other than India could make it happen in their maiden attempt. Mars


iPhone 6 Plus Bends in Pocekt! It’s True

iphone 6 plus bends

Shocking news for all of those who either have an iPhone 6 or are planning to buy an iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 Plus, as you guys know is huge. It’s absolutely massive especially if you have seen it in person its way bigger than they portray in the photos displayed in the iPhone 6