Identifying the Bottlenecks in the Process of Software Test Automation

Software performance testing is the best means of quality assurance. People in the IT have long realized the immense value of good testing of software applications to ensure that they perform perfectly well under the expected workload. Easy as it may sound, software performance testing involves a complicated procedure. Consequently, while software testing is done


Why should you choose LED lights for your home?

LED lights are the most power saving mode of homeillumination today. This intelligent green lighting revolution isan obvious choice for interiors and exteriors. Here are some quick checks as to why you should switch to LED lights for home use. Save money LED light bulbs save an estimated 80% or more on energy costs. LED


How Smart Card Applications Works for Business and Public Service

Smart Card Application

I recently got myself a TAP card. It’s Los Angeles county’s public transit card. Most large cities have adopted some form of card to make it quicker and easier for you to pay. The TAP card and other transit smart cards do much more. It’s called a TAP card because you simply tap it on


iPhone 7 Launch Rumour without Headphone Port – Big Tech Leap for Apple!

iPhone 7 No Headphone Jack

If you want a slimmer iPhone then you have to forgo something! But who could ever imagine that the sacrifice calls for an unexpected structural change? So it is better that you prepare yourself for this major hardware redesigning because iPhone 7 is going to break the traditional norms. There will be No Industry-Standard 3.5mm


iPhone 7 Rumours: Lightning EarPods & Wireless AirPods

Lightning EarPod

Everybody wants a thinner phone – easy to carry and slip into a purse! So finally, Apple has answered to the much awaited call of the users. Rumor has it that the next-generation iPhone design is going to be so thin that there will be… No Headphone Jack! But does that mean the next version