Police Arrests Sony Christmas Hacker in UK

Police Arrests Sony Christmas Hacker in UK

Finally the Sony Christmas Hacker has been arrested by the UK police during a raid on his home. The Guy is claimed to be a 22-year old individual who is believed to be linked to the Lizard Squad Hacking Group. This notorious group was found responsible to hack and attack Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live gaming services during this Christmas.

The arrested individual is claimed to be Vinnie Omari, according to some individual security researchers, was a part of the Lizard Squad who has been rounded up and questioned. Vinnie was arrested from his home in connection with an investigation which was already going on for a series of cyber-fraud offenses which took place between 2013 and 2014. The investigation was regarding a cyber hacking group which allegedly stolen money from victim’s PayPal account. Though Vinnie has been released on bail, police has kept him under constant surveillance.

The arrest was followed by a warrant issued by the court for alleged cyber-crimes in 2013 but has failed to elaborate on the charges. The police seized all of the individual’s electronic devices including phones, pen-drives, laptops and Xbox One as per what the individual told the media.

What the allegation is actually? According to some of the cyber-network specialists the Lizard Squad which is also famous as “a band of young hooligans” prevented the legitimated Sony PlayStation Network users from connecting to the network while effectively taking them offline by bombarding services with bogus connections. The network stays overloaded until the attack ceases. These attacks are claimed to be high profile as it leads to huge monetary loss for Sony.

The infamous hacking squad (Lizard Squad) has launched a DDoS tool which costs only $6 to $500 per attack in Bitcoins. This instrument can be used to attack any such network or individual system over the network.

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