Top 10 Must Have Smartphones coming in 2015

Top 10 Smartphones 2015

To all smartphone users here is a brief holographic projection on the 10 must have smartphones coming in 2015.

  1. Windows 9 Phone: The Windows 9 smartphone will be 64 bit only and integration through Microsoft’s mobile devices and desktops.
  2. LG G Flex: The Original G Flex smartphone had some ground breaking features including self-healing technology and flexible body. However, LG is already setting a release date on the next G Flex and set to be released in the second quarter of 2015. Samsung promises to have new features even more unique than a flexible screen. There is no idea on what these features will be – some sources have speculated that it could be an ultra flexible screen capable of 90 degrees bend.
  3. Android Silver Phone: The Android Silver will be the replacement for the Nexus line of smartphones. It is set to serve the benchmark and seal a quality for all Android phones. The first Android Silver Phone is rumored to be an LG smartphone. Possibly the G Flex too which will debut next year.
  4. 4K Smartphones: As the resolution of the smartphones continue to improve the improvements in video and picture quality becoming evident. LG is set to replace the first qHD smartphone is here which will feature resolution 2,560 by 1,440 pixels but is very likely that the first 4k resolution phone full debut in 2015. As a 4K processor called the snapdragon 805 has already been shown to the public.
  5. Holographic Smartphone: The technology for Holographic Smartphone has already been developed and shown off. A Holographic projector is being designed into a smartphone. Amazon is rumored to be selling the first holographic phone and the opportunities for app development and video playback with holographic technology may prove to be a great success.
  6. iPhone 6: The second version of iPhone 6 with 5.5 inches and will debut in 2015. The 5.5 inch model is expected to blur the lines between tablets and smartphones.
  7. Samsung Galaxy S6: The S6 is confirmed to be released in 2015 and speculated features include qHD bendable display and a 4K video camera. This will be one of the most advanced smartphones available when released.
  8. Transparent Phone: This will be the world’s first transparent phone. Polytron Technology unveiled the transparent phone concept last year. It is speculated that a transparent phone could be released at the end of the year but did not happen. The transparent phone will be able to switch between opaque and transparent modes.
  9. Samsung’s Foldable Phone: Samsung is going to debut the world’s first foldable phone in 2015. Foldable phone technology was shown off back in April this year. Samsung at that time announced that it could sell a completely foldable phone by 2015 or 2016. Foldable phone will blur the lines about how smartphones should look.
  10. Google Modular Smartphone: This idea behind the smartphone is to create a phone that is more like a desktop computer with removable and customizable parts. One of the many benefits of this would have is that the phone’s life expectancy would increase exponentially since any damaged piece of hardware could be easily removed and the phone itself can be continuously upgraded much like a desktop computer.

So which one are you looking forward to grab the next year? Keep an eye on the Early Buzz at CES 2015 for more updates on Tech Gadgets coming in 2015.

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