Top Phones Coming In 2015

Top Phones Coming In 2015

There’s going to be so much this year coming up in terms of technology and in terms of phones that’s also going to be a major step forward and in 2015 there’s going to be a ton to choose from. So let’s talk about the top smartphones that we all are looking forward to in 2015.

These phones do not exist as of now so it would be hard to provide details but they are being worked on of course based upon the previous generations of these phones and we can speculate about what to expect this year.

1. The very first one is the iPhone 6S. We can expect it to be called iPhone 6S based on all of the previous generations. They started with the iPhone 3G and went to 3GS, then iPhone 4 to 4S and so on. So now the iPhone 6 is expected to receive a 6S successor. Now with this new iPhone what we can expect is to see a bump in speed, camera and battery life as usual. The form factor will almost remain the same or Apple may like to make a little bit of tweak in the internal structure but there won’t be any major change in the actual build quality. However the internals with all the S models are where the changes arise and with the iPhone 6S we could expect to see 2 GB of RAM. Apple could possibly bring the iPad Air 2 processor over to the iPhone 6S because it has 3 Billion transistors versus 2 Billion on the iPhone 6 currently. The camera could see a 10 megapixels to 12 megapixels change and the video optical stabilizer of course will be available on all models probably. With every revision of a major iPhone change we are going to see smaller changes.

2. iPhone 6C: With the iPhone 5C Apple introduced the iPhone that was cheaper, more affordable and still retaining many of the main features that the iPhone 5S had. We think that Apple would love to keep that tradition. If they do remove the iPhone 6C from the lineup then it’s going to leave a whole for cheaper devices. With the plastic build quality the iPhone 6S will see a redesign, possibly a larger display like the current iPhone 6 with 4.7 inches and with the iPhone 5S processor with just a step up. It seems to come with a little more RAM and an increase in camera megapixels. Apple has had a lot of success with the iPhone 5C and they would surely look forward to iPhone 6C.

3. iPhone 4 inch Version: This should be a replacement of the iPhone 5S and it has been a rumor that Apple has been working on a 4 inch iPhone which will pretty much have all of the internals of the new 6S and 6S Plus. It will be just as fast as them, just a little bit smaller form factors. For all the people who like the smaller model iPhone 5S does make sense for Apple to make a new 4 inch iPhone and have the same internals of the larger devices. This new iPhone is likely to feature all of the internals of the new devices while retaining a smaller screen size. So that means Apple this year could be releasing 4 new phones – the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6C and the new iPhone 4 inch model. That’s a great lineup for 2015.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The Galaxy Note 4 is already an amazing phone. Its rumor that it will be having a 4K display, the very first one from Samsung on a smartphone. So it will be the officially largest best phone for the amount of effort they put in will be massive and every smartphone fan would be looking forward to it. Now, if it is going to have a 4K display that would be 746 pixels per inch. The iPhone 6 Plus has 401 pixels per inch. So it’s almost double the resolution of the iPhone 6 Plus and it’s rumor that its S Pen will have updates as well. So it’s going to be the ultimate multi-tasking productivity machine.

5. Samsung Galaxy S6: This is android’s flagship model and a direct competitor of the iPhone’s models and every year Samsung just wants to top Apple. Now this year what they are planning to do or rumor is that they are having the Galaxy S6 build with aluminium. In the Note 4 it had an aluminium band around the whole phone and it did wonders. People liked it actually. Along with the new material it seems to have 3 GB of RAM and a 64 bit processor which would be the first in the Galaxy series. So this will be a welcome addition and will launch with Android Lollipop. Find all about Samsung Galaxy S6; features, price, release date and rumors.

6. HTC One M9: This is an incredibly popular series from HTC and why would they mess with perfections? So this year for the HTC One M9 it’s going to have that gorgeous aluminium enclosure. We could of course expect to see more internal up-gradation like more power, better battery-life and possibly a better display but HTC M8 is always going to be one of those phones that did very well and the M9 is just going to improve upon that hopefully. The HTC’s M9 flagship phone reportedly coming in March alongside smartwatch.

7. Google’s Project Ara: We have never seen a concept like this before. They bought the rights from Motorola and it’s possible that it can be seen on 2015 but we are not pretty sure about that. Basically it’s a phone which can be assembled in pieces. If you want bigger battery life, take off the older one and place a bigger battery. You may even replace the camera if you want to have a better one. So this thing will be upgradable forever. You can upgrade it, remove features and upgrade features.

Project Ara Video:


8. LG G4: We have never seen a display on any phone like what we have seen in the LG G3 and the G4 is just going to improve upon it. It’s expected to shrink a little bit, the display will now be 5.3 inches and we are going to see a 20.7 megapixel sensor on the back which is nowhere near Nokia’s 40 megapixels but it’s good to see that the numbers bumped up along with actual camera quality. LG G4 is predicted to have the best smartphone camera in 2015. Now, the battery life from the LG G3 was something that a lot of people complained about and that’s the department LG is going to work upon for G4.

9. New Google Nexus 6: We are going to see a yearly progression of the speed and camera quality in the new Nexus 6. The Google Nexus 6 is a really nice device for the price offered by Motorola. There’s not much rumor about the new Nexus 6 right at this moment but it can be assumed from the predecessors that the hardware would be more efficient along with a 3GB of RAM and a better and smarter camera quality.

 So these are the Top Phones Coming In 2015. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Google Plus for more updates on the latest technology news and trends.

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