Top Reasons for Selecting LED Lighting Over Other Lighting Solutions

Indoor LED lights

LEDs have swept the conventional lighting marketplace for a variety of reasons, most notably their extended lifespan, reduced energy consumption and significantly lower maintenance requirements. Unlike the traditional incandescent and CFL Lights, the LED lighting solutions are a cost-efficient alternative. Be it in home or in your office, LED lights offer sustainable solution in the most hassle free manner.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 reasons for choosing LED lights when there are so many alternatives available in the market.

LED Lights are Energy Efficient

The advantage of LED technologies with regards to energy efficiency is certainly one of the prime reason behind choosing LED lights. The rapidly increasing electricity costs has already taken a toll on our finances, so keeping this concern in mind, an energy efficient lighting option is certainly a better idea. Applying an energy efficient LED light bulb can reduce your daily power consumption by 80%, which certainly results in greater cost-savings for urban communities.

LED Lights are Durable

Considering the average lifespan of LED lights, it definitely stands as the best solution for any household or commercial purposes. While an average CFL lasts for 8000 hours, the incandescent lights have 1200 hours of lifespan. On the other hand, LED lights have average lifespan of 50,000 hours or more. So, it’s quite clear that LED light are certainly a good investment. No wonder, they can provide you decades of sustainable illumination.
LED Lights are Cost-efficient

With the aspects of high durability and less power consumption, LED lights offer a cost-effective solution. As a result, you get a significant reduction in the electricity bill. CFLs, in contrast use about twice the amount of watts and incandescent light bulbs around ten times as much power with only ca. 18-20 lumen per watts. Undoubtedly, LED lighting solution is 50 times more efficient in terms of lifespan, and ensures 70-80% less than a conventional incandescent option.

LED Lights are Eco-friendly

If you are not yet convinced, let us tell you that LED lights are Eco-friendly as it does not contain highly toxic mercury like CFL lights. Mercury is not only harmful to the environment but also to your personal health. As the LED lights are free of toxic materials and are 100% recyclable, they helps in significant reduction of carbon footprint.
The Final Statement
Considering the alarming issues like global warming and environmental changes, LED lights are great lighting solution for both residential and commercial setting. While it produces substantially less CO2, sulfur oxide and nuclear waste, it provides a huge savings on your electricity bills. Research says that 30 incandescent light bulbs release about 2500 kgs of toxic emissions a year, while the LEDs only produce about 200 kgs annually, though it’s mostly non-toxic. Taking the increasing threats of global warming into consideration, it leaves no doubt that the LED lights are by far the greenest lighting solution so far.

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