Top Reasons Why iPhone 6 is Better than Galaxy S5!


Our previous post was all about “Top Reasons Why Galaxy S5 is Better than iPhone 6!”. Here we will be sharing our research and opinion about why you should choose iPhone 6 over the Galaxy S5.

Touch Sensor

The very first thing is the Touch ID. The iPhone 6’s finger print sensor is way better than the Samsung Galaxy S5. The responsiveness and the accuracy is lot more better compared to the Galaxy S5. This is one important feature where Apple stands out.

Silent Switch

iPhone 6 Silent button

The iPhone’s Silent Switch is a very handy feature. Any other phone can be put in silent mode by the volume key but the particular physical button in the iPhone is very handy. With this button its super easy and quick to go into silent mode.

Performance: Lagging

Despite having top of the line specs we have a lot of performance issues on the Samsung Galaxy S5. The most common issue is the lag. We are not talking about the intensive tasks like gaming or multitasking but the basic launching tasks like the gallery app, dialer etc. There is always a lag while ending a call on Galaxy S5 whereas iPhone ends a call a call and returns back to the dialer as soon as you touch the End Call button. Any basic task common to both iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 can be tested to analyze the performance of both of these devices where iPhone is the winner in terms of quick response command. The software on the Samsung Galaxy S5 certainly needs more optimization.


Next is the overheating issue. Galaxy S5 heats up very quickly while running some graphic-intensive games or even when multitasking. While on the iPhone 6 everything runs very smoothly without heating whether it’s launching apps, graphic intensive games or multitasking. It handles everything perfectly without any lags or heating issues. The overall user experience is great on the iPhone 6.

Build Quality

iPhone 6 body

Samsung has always been lagging behind in terms of choosing the materials. Besides the note lineup Samsung faced a lot of criticism on build materials used on their devices and Galaxy S5 is no stranger to that. While the full aluminum body on iPhone 6 definitely gives it a more premium feel which the Samsung Galaxy S5 could not cope up with the dotted matt finish.  The rounded edge on the iPhone 6 certainly makes it more comfortable to hold and feels good in the hand too.


iPhone 6 camera

It’s a fact that higher megapixel camera will not necessarily deliver a better quality picture, the software plays a huge role on that. iPhone 6 has proved this so far and is the best example in the market. On normal conditions both the cameras are great but despite having a 16 megapixel camera Galaxy S5’s low light picture has a lot of noise with a over saturated colors. While with the 8 megapixel F/2.2 aperture eyesight camera on the iPhone 6 you do get the noise but the picture looks more natural. Another advantage with the iPhone 6 camera is the slow motion video recording at 240 fps which is better compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5’s slow motion video.


Along with much smoother user experience iOS devices also get instant updates but with the Galaxy S5 will have to wait for months. Also one more thing to consider is that Samsung generally stops providing updates to an older device while the Apple gives priority to their older devices as well. It’s worth mentioning that with the help of iTunes backing up and synching your iPhone is much easier compared to synching and backing up the Samsung Galaxy S5 via the Samsung Kies. Apart from this Apple also offers a lot of features like the “Apple Pay” that allows you to pay directly through your iPhone, “Car Play” which helps you in having safer driving experience by displaying only the things you want while driving a car, “Family Sharing” which basically lets you share apps and games with the family members, “Integration with the Mac” which allows you to manage your calls and notifications.

So all these feature add up to the reason why you should choose iPhone 6 over Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung fans would love to read about our previous post which says “Top Reasons Why Galaxy S5 is Better than iPhone 6!”. Subscribe and stay tuned to our blog to have all the latest tech updates.

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