Unexplained Paranormal Highway of America


Ex Deputy Sheriff Chuck Zukowski has been investigating mysterious phenomena across Middle America for 25 years. For decades he specialized in a strange phenomenon prevalent in this part of the country – “Cattle Mutilations”.

“When it comes to animal mutilations at first I thought to be pretty easy to solve but the more I did the more complicated they became” says Chuck Zukowski. The ranch was seeing strange lights in the sky and weird things were reported by the local people. After years of research something about the location of the events draws attention. Most of the cases seem to cluster around Colorado, New Mexico.

This state run along a line of latitude, the 37th parallel. After further investigation Chuck finds out that bizarre events and sightings are strung along this parallel for 3,000 miles, a straight line through the heart of the United States.

Cases include:

Four offices at Highland Illinois see a huge object they could not identify. Radio transition reports “I see something but I don’t know what the heck it is.” Aztec New Mexico, reports of a downed extraterrestrial craft. Las Animas County Colorado, Sheriff witnesses mysterious flying globes. Piedmont, local people witness a saucer of lights hovering in the dark sky.

Is this just coincident?

It could be but Chuck suspects something else might be there. According to him there is a paranormal corner flowing across the Unites States with 37 degree latitude being the center line. But if there is a connection, what might link these sightings could be geography. If there is a paranormal freeway cutting across the United States, who or what is behind these sightings? Could it be a hoax?

As an Ex Officer he knew that most sightings are reported by unreliable witnesses. But there is one group of professional specially trained to observe and recall. To avoid unreliable witnesses Chuck decided to talk to the law enforcement officers as they were being trained to be good eye witnesses.

Chuck begins his quest in Illinois, 900 miles east to his home state Colorado. In the town of O’Fallon just north of the 37th parallel in the early hours of January 5th 2000 four experienced police officers see what they described as huge craft floating through the sky. But to this day no has been able to identify what remains one of the best documented sightings in recent American history.

Tina Joaquin, Police Dispatch Supervisor, on January 2000 received a call from Highland place reporting suspicious light over around the city of Highland. Tina was on a call to Officer Barton who was patrolling the streets of Highland and informed him about the incident which they thought to be a joke. But moments later she receives the shock of her life when Officer Barton radios back “Be advised there’s a very bright white light east of town and it keeps changing colors. I’ll go over there and see, maybe it’s an aircraft. It doesn’t look an aircraft though! That’s affirmative. It’s not the moon and it’s not a star.”

More and more agencies started reporting about seeing objects in the sky. None of the officers have any idea about what they saw that night. Maybe the military are simply testing a top-secret hardware. There are military bases near many of the sightings that form a string along the 37th parallel. These include Nellis Airbase and Area 51 in Nevada, Whiteman in Missouri and Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. Could there be a connection, could it be the air force is doing something and not even telling the regional law enforcement officials.

Possibly it could be some extraterrestrial object just keeping an eye on us. But why it has to be reporting of so many unexplained sightings at this place of the earth? Does it only because of so many military establishments at the 37th parallel and there is some serious research work and testing going on? Well, NASA or any other government officials has denied the fact of any technology experiment or extraterrestrial objects hovering in the sky.

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