Use iPhone to Access Computers Remotely like Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

How to use iPhone as Keyboard and Mouse

Remember how many times have we imagined ourselves in the frame of any silver screen super spy? It gives any nerd a heavenly ecstasy. The most common device is an iPhone in our pocket now and it is quite cool if we can use it from multidimensional points.

Controlling any device remotely is the most attractive thing to many of us; only geeks know its true fun when they get Goosebumps. With this short implementation, today we will know how to use iPhone as keyboard and mouse that will allow us to control any PC, Laptop remotely. So we do not need to sit in front of the PC, we can do this from distance and enjoy the nerdy-ness.

Method: How to use iPhone as Keyboard and Mouse

A quite simple method and a very common app connection can make it possible to establish connection between a PC and iPhone, after that the iPhone will be working as a wireless keyword and mouse. Keep reading for details.

The ‘Touch Mouse App’:

First from this secured Microsoft link download and install Touch Mouse program in any windows PC and Laptop. This app allows the connectivity between these two devices we are discussing about.

  1. Now from another secure link install the same kind of app in your iPhone to enable connection between iOS device and Windows.
  2. This is the time to launch the application in your iOS device and go for the connection between PC and the device.
  3. At this step the PC will be shown as the server in the application but if it does not then simply know the IP Address of the PC or Laptop and input the same in the iPhone App. To know the IP Address of the PC we can go to any website that shows the IP Address of current machine. Like
  4. Okay we are done, now we have an extra wireless keyword and mouse for our laptops and PCs and this is the time to enjoy the remote connectivity like spy.

‘Touch Mouse App’ screenshots:

Touch Mouse App Review

Touch Mouse App Review

Touch Mouse App Review

Touch Mouse App Review

So this is it, the answer to the question “How to Use iPhone as Mouse and Keyboard” and we truly hope that you nerd brothers liked this one much, then again great power comes with great responsibility so use it well.

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