Using Promotions to Get Customers to Use Online Ordering Interfaces

Online Ordering System

Phones today are filled with a variety of apps. Some are used for entertainment while others are presented as a way to increase efficiency or accountability. The smartphone has become a must-have item for most people. Today, restaurants are starting to take advantage of this phenomenon by creating their own app that allows consumers to look through a menu, place an order, or set up a reservation. How can you convince a customer to add your app to their already-crowded smartphone?

Promotions Can Increase Downloads and Usage

Offer something for free, and you’re sure to get people’s attention. Consider offering a free menu item when a consumer downloads the app and places his or her first order. While many might just go through the process to get something for free, you have an opportunity to wow them with your app or even your restaurant online ordering system, demonstrating convenience and ease of use. You’ll see more traffic online and will often see a marked increase in business. This means making a small investment with the potential for a much larger return.

Promotions Attract New Customers

Sometimes individuals who have never even tried a restaurant will be drawn in by a promotion for a free or discounted menu item. What do they have to lose by downloading an app and getting something for free? If they don’t like something, they haven’t lost a lot of money. Consumers who haven’t been reached by other advertising opportunities might be more likely to venture out through the app to give a restaurant a try, especially with a promotion available that they can take advantage of right away. You can get more attention from those who may have overlooked your restaurant and its services in the past.

Continued Promotions Can Keep Customers Active

No restaurant wants to encourage people to use an app or take advantage of their restaurant online ordering system just once. Instead, the goal is to encourage customers to use this method over and over again. It can be more convenient for them, and in many ways, it’s more convenient for the restaurant. While one promotion might get people downloading the app or trying the online system, consider offering regular promotions to keep their attention. Each new promotion can create an infusion of business to help sustain even the slowest of months. Eventually, customers will get into the habit of checking for promotions and placing orders on a regular basis.

With most people owning a smartphone and many admitting that they can’t live without theirs, it’s important to take advantage of the opportunity that an app and online ordering offers. Don’t invest a lot of time into app or website creation only to find them not being used. Instead, consider drawing attention to your brand and your online presence with promotions. The small investment of a free or discounted menu item will go a long way toward bringing in new customers and keeping the ones you already have.

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